Ashley Henry

Who Is She?

ASHLEY HENRY. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and most importantly, mother of two – Ashley Henry is living proof that when you put family first, your dreams will come true. Finding herself pregnant with her first bundle of joy, Ashley decided that she wanted to surround herself with women who were similar to her: young, business-minded, fabulous, and of course, a mommy. However, in her search for the perfect network, she realized that the number of options available to multicultural women with children were extremely limited. To add to this disappointment, Ashley realized there were no organizations or companies offering a perfectly balanced mix of digital and in-person support and engagement for multicultural moms. Because of this, Ashley decided to create one. Armed with over eight years of experience in corporate America, Ashley began to map out the initial concept for a multicultural mom organization. From that, Haute Mocha Society was born: a small concept that has matured into a robust company with profitable brands and assets. Very active in her community, Ashley is fueled by her need to give back. She continues to focus on impacting change through her nonprofit, Mocha Cares Foundation. Since its inception, the nonprofit’s only goal is to improve the lives of multicultural moms and their families by raising awareness of diverse issues through advocacy, services, and entrepreneurial support. A native of Houston, Texas, Ashley is committed to her faith, her family, and her future. Remaining mommy-focused has created an atmosphere where she can do nothing else but succeed.

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