Cheryl Vanessa Smith

Who Is She?

Cheryl-SmithCheryl Vanessa Smith is a mom, serial entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, blogger, author, career transitional expert, and well sought after vision board facilitator. She is the founder of MillionHeir Mom-Dream It, Believe It, Live It. She assists women, especially moms, with identifying their purpose, define their passion, and build a business so that they can spend more time with their families, especially their children.

Cheryl’s accomplishments include paying her own way through college, and being mom to a teenager who she hasn’t strung up by her toes!

Cheryl is also a co-author of the book “The GlamourLESS Side to Entrepreneurship: What They Didn’t Tell You About Being A Women In Business!”

Cheryl’s goals are to build a multi-million dollar international company, to start a foundation for women to start and/or complete their educational degree and to become a California-New York Snowbird!

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