LaTalya Palmer

Who Is She?

LaTalya Palmer is the “Ignite Your Life” Coach and Trainer with a twist of sexy and fun.

As the Founder of Phoenix Rising Success Coaching and Training she helps single moms who are transitioning in relationships and career to use their innate power and build the skill set necessary to thrive successfully after setbacks.

LaTalya is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Credentialed Trainer and Speaker. She is also a mom of 4 and divorcee who’s still pursuing her dreams while supporting her children fulfill their destiny. For over 10 years in her role as an Empowerment Trainer and Life Coach she has helped women drop the victim role and start their lives over successfully. She also serves as a consultant and trainer for non-profit agencies and continuing adult education programs.

What touches LaTalya’s clients most is that not only does she have the experience and credentials—she is a living example that it’s possible to overcome. It’s with the powerful and moving story of her own, that LaTalya is able to move her audience. She openly shares how she silently struggled throughout her life to find her esteem, uniqueness, and genius beneath layers of pain and self-hate. Growing up in communities that magnified poverty and surviving sexual abuse at the hands of her father, left her feeling worthless, and not knowing her value. Being a teen mom and a product of generational welfare, she boldly began walking in her calling the day she walked out the welfare office to pave her way in the world. Despite of it all—past and present, LaTalya has remained committed to her healing while uplifting and teaching others how to do the same. Throughout her works and talks, she continues to prove to be an unstoppable force and advocate of Women’s Empowerment.

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