Monique Murray

Who Is She?

I am Monique Murray, Author, Speaker, Soldier of Love and empowerment specialist for teenage girls and young women. After suffering from years of thinking I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t bright enough or my hair wasn’t straight enough, I decided to erase all that I wasn’t and embrace everything that I Am.

As a woman who has felt rejected and inadequate from her teenage years through adulthood, I desired to be loved and accepted. After years of wearing this mask of tears, heartaches and emptiness, it finally started to unfold.

Loving me was the answer. My assignment is to prevent other teenage girls and young women from masking their pain and teaching them how to embrace an Attitude of Gratitude which leads to a life of spiritual freedom and personal success.

At the age of 35 I embraced the warrior within, took back my power after living in shame, fear and rejection for several years as a victim of people pleasing, a failing marriage, low self-esteem due to my educational status and a child with behavioral challenges.

  1. I grew up on the small island of Freeport in the Bahamas.
  2. During my school years I dreamed of success but felt I failed because I didn’t have a college degree. Today success is not defined by me having a college degree but by accepting Who I Am and accomplishing the purposes for which I’ve been created.
  3. I speak truth from the pain that brought about my healing and freedom.
  4. I love seeing others unmask and emerge authentically.
  5. I am a survivor of Love, Life and Death.
  6. I have been living my life on purpose since accepting the Me I was Created to Be.
  7. I believe that keeping things inside and not facing our fears can become major blocks in your blessings.
  8. As a survivor aka a Soldier of Love, I encourage teenage girls to face their rejection in order to be the best version of themselves.
  9. I created The Redefining Project and Herstory workshops as ways for teenage girls and young women to have honest and focused conversations about Life, Self-Love and Relationships.
  10. I am leading the way wholeheartedly by sharing my story on how I stopped being a victim at the age of 35. My vulnerable journey is one of laughter, tears, transformation and inspirational leadership.
  11. I believe that teenagers and young adults need love, light, happiness and blessings during their transformation into womanhood.

My hope is to prevent a wounded teenage mindset from becoming a broken spirit in the future.

Mentorship is what I thrive for. I believe that it will help you unlock their full potential, optimize their leadership skills and become Soldiers of Love!

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