Ophelia Uke

Who Is She?

Ophelia Uke is a talented writer who had to overcome many obstacles on her journey of success. Her West Indian background was one of a strict upbringing, wherein God and education was at the forefront. She graduated from Harry S. Truman high school in NY. Shortly after, she moved to Connecticut to attended College. Nursing was her career major. With time, Ophelia was faced with doubts, no longer certain about her choice. So she moved back to NY, transferring college, but still satisfaction was not found. Years later she married, moved, gave up working, and became a full time mom. As a wife and mother, she felt whole, but as a woman Ophelia was incomplete, seeking indication as to her purpose. Writing was always an eye-opening outlet for expressing her feelings.

Not only was it a coping mechanism, but also it was something she grew extremely passionate about. Growing up, she was referred to as a loner, not desiring the need of a lot of friends. However, she desperately desired acceptance. Vocalizing her feelings was not something she did. Rather Ophelia sat in her emotions good and bad alike. Yet she was estranged from who she truly was. Ophelia loved to uplift, encourage, motivate, empower, and inspire others. She could never stand to see the pain of another, especially if they mimicked the ones that were chained to her. With that realization, she found her purpose, but first, she had to fix herself. Ophelia became a writer, because she finally found her voice, and through her words, she saw how she was able to inspire others. So, while writing was her way of coping with life, it was healing for someone else’s life, too. Now, her mission is helping others release their insecurities and/or pains, whether it be past or present, so they can move forward building a happier and better future as she has found, and is living today.

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