Sharlene R. Prince

Who Is She?

Sharlene R. Prince is The Royalty Mindset Coach who focuses on developing the riches in you by empowering you with the tools and resources to unveiling your buried treasures, as you grow into becoming the best you possible.

Sharlene R. Prince strives for excellence on her humanitarian efforts in working with Women and children, to rebuild their lives after enduring emotional and physical abuse. She has been working with Non profits for over 20 years and now has formed her own Non-Profit “The Women Rising Above Group,/The Women Rising Above Enterprise Inc” that helps women and children to receive the resources and tools necessary to begin the Next Chapter in their lives. She has implemented a program in her organization the CTC Program, Commitment to Change which provides the necessary steps in rising above your circumstances and rejuvenating your life.

Ms. Prince continues her efforts internationally and nationally through her Women rising above tour which shares and advocates the message For Domestic Harmony to Eradicate Domestic Violence and brings Awareness of the verbal and physical abuse endured by Women and Children. She has received the nickname in many areas as the Queen of Possibilities because she strongly believes there is a solution to every problem; and she works tirelessly to resolving these issues and seeking options that are necessary for their advancement. Her motto is Each One, Reach One as We Rise Above.

Sharlene is also an Author and a Royalty mindset Consultant as her most recent book “The Royalty Mindset’ shares strategies in ‘Getting Your Mind Right” as you Rise Above.

The Royalty mindset demonstrates the necessity of replacing negative thinking with positive as you aim high and place your focus on the important essentials in life. It allows us the opportunity to advance our thinking skills and restructuring the paths we choose in life, it helps us to build confidence in ourselves.

Ms. Prince has earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College and her Masters in Human Resource Development and Administration from Barry University. Through her Networking and Bridge building Ms. Prince continues to Empower, Embrace, Encourage and Enlighten others that want to Rise to their full potential as they take a hold of their life and aim for their rightful seat on the throne.

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