Sindy Eugene

Who Is She?

Sindy Eugene is the Founder and President of Global Youth Empowerment Movement, Inc. & My V.O.I.C.E Matters International. She is committed to helping parents and children around the world as she dedicates her life to motivate and educate them on how to rewrite their life’s script to succeed through partnering with each other. She is known as “The Student Pathfinder” and has helped students from different walks of life get on the right path to academic and social success.

She has worked with traditional and nontraditional students, military personnel, immigrant students, first-time college students, middle and high school students, high school drop outs, and business professionals seeking to further their education.

As a result of her proven results and passion for student success, colleges, universities, churches, private schools, for profit and nonprofit organizations seek her expertise on College Readiness, College Transition and Leadership Development workshops/seminars for their students, clubs and/or organizations in addition to serving as a keynote speaker.

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