Stephanie Fleary

Who Is She?

Stephanie Fleary, empowerment facilitator, author, and event producer, is a force to be reckoned with in the personal development industry. As an educator for almost 10 years, she counsels broken mothers, helpless children, and dwindling families; aiding in their repair and need for growth. Stephanie is the founder of Empowered Stilettos, LLC, which is a company that produces events that help women find balance, and release their inner gifts and talents in order to be successful and more productive. She is the author of Dear Black Man-Letters From Your Strong Black Woman, Chocolatey Brown and co-author of Moments in HerStory-From Pain to Purpose as well as the newest VP of the Metro Region for The Institute 4 Increased Performance Inc. Her life’s goal is to heal the hearts of many so they too can heal the hearts of many more.

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