Tameika McPhaul

Who Is She?

Tameika McPhaul, is a self-love facilitator, spunky spirit speaker, and positive affirmation-inducing author. She teaches women and teens how to embrace their ideas and manifest their visions, one goal at a time. Through her experience, education, and insight, Tameika equips women and teens with the necessary tools and resources to make positive differences in their lives. Tameika accomplishes this through the use of affirmations which can be found in her bookConfessions of a GLAMfident Woman. This life-affirming journal contains confession quotes that guide women and teens through their day, sharing the importance of speaking positive affirmations in their daily routines. In her free time, Tameika is an award winning volunteer and ambassador with Dress for Success. Tameika resides in Philadelphia, PA with her three teenage children and husband.

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